Roca Tile

Nestled in the heart of Manhattan, the Roca Studio is a stunning 5,000 sq ft space that was designed with a specific purpose in mind: to bring designers and product manufacturers together to collaborate on creating aesthetic designs and facilitate the exchange of ideas. The studio is arranged in a way that encourages communication and interaction between designers, with large workspaces and communal areas where they could gather to discuss ideas. Features such as tunable lighting allow designers to see their materials in different environments and visualize how their chosen products will look in different lighting conditions. In addition to showcasing Roca’s tile products, the studio also features selections from other design fields such as lighting and furniture. By doing this, the studio provides designers with a complete spectrum of ideas, allowing them to create truly bespoke and personalized designs and becomes a place where all sectors of the design industry can come together. By creating a gallery-like experience for its users, this studio is a perfect combination of function and design.

From the moment you enter, the studio’s monochromatic color scheme catches your eye. A bold contrast of black and white draws you in, and a dramatic demarcation between the large-format black tiles at the entrance and the bright white studio beyond sets a tone of sophistication that’s perfect for the New York City design district. Conveniently located near the entry, the staircase provides easy access to the lower level.

The project is divided into 2 zones – the upper level as the main studio and gallery space with room for events and lectures; and the lower level as working space, offices, and additional tile storage.

The central feature of the main floor are the design “Rotundas”; two large circular podiums clad in tile. Beyond their purpose as prominent displays for the brand’s products, the Rotundas are sculptures in themselves, crafted to be interacted with. Complete with built-in seating, the Rotundas serve as the perfect venue for events and lectures. The glazed green and blue tiles chosen for the Rotundas stand out brilliantly against the surrounding white space, drawing the eye and creating a breathtaking focal point. Circular ring light fixtures positioned overhead perfectly highlight the space.

Along the sides of the studio, a series of small vignettes showcases a variety of design mockups, exhibiting the endless possibilities of style and aesthetics through various scenarios. The vignettes lead visitors to the working area and kitchenette, marked by a playful neon sign – a charming final touch that perfectly encapsulates the showroom’s playful yet elegant ambiance.