The Fantini Design Awards, an annual competition presented by Fantini USA, celebrates the best of North American design inspired by water.

Seven projects were selected as winners by a panel of judges, and one representative per winning project receives a trip this fall to Casa Fantini/Lake Time resort designed by Piero Lissoni at the Fantini headquarters in Pella, Italy.

We submitted our Central Park West Apartment, where we specified bath fixtures from the AF/21 collection by Naoto Fukasawa for Fantini

The residence at Central Park West is a luxury renovation project. It forgoes standard walls as space definers and organizers, instead relying an extensive system of custom millwork to organize the different rooms. The concept defines space through the perception of placed objects, creating both tension and balance between the presence of the millwork and the 1905 masonry building envelope. The millwork, along with many furniture pieces and a glass ceiling light fixture, are custom designed for the space. Earthy raw finishes of materials in their original form are balanced by hard, shiny and luminous ones, dazzling with one, calming with the other.

We wanted the master bathroom to have a Zen, serene atmosphere while also exuding luxury, pairing a brushed finish slate alongside mother of pearl. The brushed finish of the slate provided a neutral background for the natural luster of the mother of pearl. We included teak accents, adding a warm touch alongside the hard, shiny surfaces of glass and steel.

For the children’s bathrooms, we picked Thassos stone in a honed finish as a white canvas for splashes of bright, saturated colors using custom gradients of Bisazza glass mosaics. The mosaiced jewel boxes of color are complemented by stainless steel faucets and white accessories. The guest bathroom also has a white canvas of Thassos, with a black & white stone mosaic that starts on the floor and flows onto the shower wall, appearing as one continuous surface.

We chose The Fukasawa stainless steel collection because of the purity of the design and emphasis on the material, which are a perfect match to our design vision for this project. We see this design as the platonic ideal, capturing only the essence of bathroom fixtures in the most aesthetically economical form possible, lending the full stage to the material, the object’s function nearly concealed to the user.