Montaul House - 20 Hamilton Drive
Spear Physical Therapy
Central Park West Apartment
190 River Drive, Penthouse
The Vantage
Bustle Offices

Curiosity We begin by exploring ideas, looking for unanticipated angles and new relationships to bring to a project

The Unexpected Our work rewards close looks and experience over time, revealing details like a surprising spatial solution or cast of light

Moments Our studio is a family. We take trips into the field together as a team, learning about new practices and working with artisans from the ground up.

Community We have a holistic sense of architecture, using active research and community participation to deepen our knowledge from branding to business plans.

Living Spaces We strive to create places that are alive, and transform over time. We ask clients to dream, moving from imagined moments into built architecture.

Diversity Our team members come from a range of backgrounds and pursue various personal interests, from jewelry-making to glass-blowing and real estate development.

Beyond We value hands-on work, engaging with every step of the design process and every facet of a project.


Roca TIle has selected us as one of their Color Collection Challenge winners.
Thank you to Oblaney Rinker for inviting us to participate in the Lumen Odyssey Challenge!
Re-Thinking: The HotelThis month, we thought about solutions for returning to hotels with ideas for social distancing, hygiene, technology solutions and wellness.
First in our Re-Thinking series: The Workplace We are exploring solutions that will help us all get back to the spaces and buildings that currently sit unutilized