Commercial, Residential
36 Central Park South, New York, NY, USA

CURV development, Spivak Architects and Sciame Construction teamed up to create a comprehensive redevelopment concept for 36 Central Park South. Our vision is to reposition the property as an exclusive luxury hotel and high-end residences with first class amenities. The team’s extensive analysis has determined a total project cost for development, return on investment over the life of the project, and an assumption of value of the existing asset for acquisition, and continues to support our unique vision for this project. The team worked hand in hand with experienced consultants to provide design concepts, building program, construction budget opinion, scheduling, financial analysis, and market comparable information. The architectural design concept takes advantage of the existing high-rise structure by strategically removing portions of the floor plates to provide soaring two-story high spaces in each residence. Luxury design features, world-class service, and excellent location guarantee to set this property apart from competitors.

typical hotel floor plan