New York, NY, USA

This new two-family dwelling in Williamsburg, Brooklyn consists of a three-story main home and a single-level garden unit.  Steel beams, columns and a staircase are exposed throughout to express the nature of the building’s construction. An elegant four-story cantilevered stair connects all levels of the home’s main domicile with a rooftop garden space. In addition to functioning as the main stair of the house, this vertical connection allows for both the conveyance of light and circulation of fresh air into all levels of the main home. The parti of steel framing organizes the house into a main core of vertical circulation and accessory spaces with living and bedroom spaces located adjacent to ample windows, terraces and balconies on the front and rear facades.   The building is capped by a monolithic concrete cantilevered roof, supporting the rooftop garden with views of the Manhattan skyline; the front exterior is clad with a metal façade, divided into a series of spaces, framing the windows and mirroring the interior organizing principle – the steel grid.