Brick Underground asked us to advise on the possibilities for a fixer-upper for sale in Inwood, Manhattan.

Excerpted from Brick Underground’s Reno Ready:

Architects Howard Spivak and Elizabeth Mickey of Spivak Architects like the fact that the living space and the bedroom are at opposite ends of this one bedroom, 1793 Riverside Dr., #6J, in Inwood. It’s also known as a “split layout.” The apartment is asking $369,000.

“There’s a good separation there,” Spivak says, and that creates more privacy. That said, there are lots of things that the duo would change about the place if given the opportunity.

In this week’s Reno Ready, they explain how unblocking the tight foyer and the closed-off kitchen will create a new layout. “If you’re spending money on this apartment, spend it on opening it up,” Spivak says. “The whole place will feel bigger.”

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