We are happy to announce that we’ve won the Shaw Contract Design Awards 2019 with our Spear Physical Therapy Brooklyn Heights location! Check out our entry here

The main goal and conceptual challenge for the design of the project was to make a comfortable space for the patients while maintaining functionality and efficiency for the therapists and guest doctors. A site-specific challenge was how to layout the space given that an existing 2-foot thick structural brick wall which couldn’t be moved, ran right down the center of the entire space.

We focused on a well-organized layout of the space and how and where materiality was introduced. We located the gym area adjacent to the treatment tables so that the therapist could be treating a patient on the table while still seeing other patients on the gym equipment. This, in addition to the centrally located custom work stations, added efficiency to the space. To address the patient comfort, we lowered the ceiling above the table area by introducing a wood baffle soffit ceiling, the sweeping lines of which draw the eye and are mirrored by the silhouette of the carpet below it. This helped to create a more intimate and warm treatment space for the patients, adjacent to the large open gym space that is enhanced by the large existing steel window. We also designed a peg wall and other custom millwork to organize the smaller therapy equipment, which allows for the floors and counters to stay as open as possible. We believe that a well-organized space adds to both the functionality for the therapists as well as comfort for the patients. As for the brick wall element – instead of trying to work around or hide it, we used it to our advantage to create two main zones: one for the main therapy treatment area and the other for the Guest doctor’s exam rooms. We then located the shared program in the space between these two zones and featured the exposed structural brick wall behind the reception desk.